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about me

My name is Brenna Clarke Gray, and I teach in the Department of English at Douglas College, just outside of Vancouver, Canada.

I have a PhD from the University of New Brunswick, where I studied Canadian Literature and first fell in love with the Digital Humanities. I have an MA from Carleton University, where I studied American Literature and was trained in pedagogy by the Centre for Initiatives in Education.

I teach fully-online, multi-modal and traditional-delivery courses in literature and academic writing. I conceive of literature widely (think: storytelling) and privilege cultural literacy over more traditional conceptions of what it means to be a reader. I’m passionate about ethical, evidence-based teaching practice.

You can see what my multi-modal classroom spaces look like by clicking here. My fully-online courses are locked inside Blackboard, unfortunately, but you can see my best practices site for fully-online teaching here.

I have a podcast with Joe Lipsett about YA novels and their filmic adaptations called Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr. You should probably subscribe. And then rate and review us on iTunes.

I’m a regular attending pro at Norwescon, where I talk about feminism and comics and fandom.

I talk too much on the internet and have a not-very-traditional approach to my research.

Come chat with me on Twitter. One time I wrote a tweet about Jon Stewart’s retirement that went viral and got me on the BBC World Service, and you can listen to that here if you like.

Oh, and I used to sing in a band, too.