Course Schedule

Class Schedule:

Date Topic Assignment
Week 1 Introduction to Academic Writing

Expected Skills List (What You’ll Learn in ENGL1130)

Assignment Overview

Writing Diagnostic

Module 1 Paragraph Structure and Form  
Week 2 Library Session #1: Using the Zine Collection and Popular Media Sources  
Module 2 Library Lab  
Week 3 Critical Reading Skills

How to Analyze

Skills Quiz #1: Paragraphing
Module 3 Preparation for In-Class Essay  
Week 4 Essay #1 (In-Class Exam): Zine Analysis Essay
Module 4 Introducing Sources and Expectations for Essay #2  
Week 5 Developing Thesis Statements

Basic Essay Structure

Skills Quiz #2: Reading Critically
Module 5 Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing  
Week 6 Reading Week: No Classes or Modules
Module 6
Week 7 Testing Thesis Statements

Making Claims and Supporting Arguments

Skills Quiz #3: Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing
Module 7 Preparing an Essay for Submission  
Week 8 Library Session #2: Finding Reliable Peer-Reviewed Research

What is a Research Proposal?

Essay #2 (Take Home) Due

Submit Module Portfolio (1-5, 7)

Module 8 Library Lab  
Week 9 Using Scholarship to Support Argument

Examining Essay Structure: Beyond Five Paragraphs (and Why)

Module 9 Preparing a Research Proposal  
March 8, 2015 College-wide drop date. You are entitled to know your standing in the course in advance of this date. I encourage you to meet with me before this date if you earn lower than a C average across Quiz 1, 2, 3 and Essay 1.
Week 10 Thesis Development Exercise

Dealing with Opposition Arguments

Annotated Bibliography and Research Proposal Due
Module 10 Style Guides: A Primer  
Week 11 Structuring More Complex Arguments

Developing Research Paper Outlines

Skills Quiz #4: Following a Style Sheet
Module 11 Research Paper Outline  
Week 12 Mandatory Peer Editing Session Completed Research Paper Draft Required
Module 12 Making Good Use of Feedback  
Week 13 No Classes: One-on-One Meetings with Instructor about Research Papers (to be scheduled)
Module 13 Self-Editing Exercise  
Week 14 Submit Module Portfolio (Collects Modules 8-12)

Submit Research Paper