A Note on Hybrid Learning

A Note on Hybrid Learning:

You are enrolled in a hybrid section of ENGL 1130. This means that only 50% of your instructional time is delivered in class, with the remaining 50% delivered online. This means that you are expected to spend two hours per week on the assigned Online Modules. This time is over and above any time spent on readings and assignments.

Hybrid learning is not for everyone. If you are not self-motivated and not able to keep yourself on track without a great deal of guidance, or if you do not feel comfortable using a blog or sending and receiving email attachments, then you should strongly consider taking a different section of this course. I will assume basic internet/online/computer competency.

Technical difficulties are not an excuse for not completing your work. We know technology is not always reliable, so you should complete your work early to not get trapped by eleventh hour glitches.