Module 12: Revising Your Own Work

By dr b, March 23, 2015

Module 12 was distributed in class on the Peer Review day — it’s the blue handout your received in class. This module asks you to review your essay and the feedback you have received so far and to synthesize it — in short, to decide what you’re going to do with it. Before you get started, you’ll need a clean print-out of your essay and your yellow peer review feedback sheets from last day.

Remember, the final essay you hand in is still your work. You’re responsible for it. It’s no good to make blind changes to your essay without really thinking through whether or not your peer editing partner was right to make the edits he or she did. (Even established professional writers must do this with feedback they receive from their own editors. It’s a part of the process of doing good work.)

It would be great, but not essential, for you to take the time to finish Module 12 before you come to meet with me face-to-face about your paper.

Given that we’re now working on applying all the theory we’ve learned this term, there are no pre-class readings for Week 13. Focus on revising your draft!