Module 10: How to Follow a Style Guide

By dr b, March 10, 2015

For today’s Module, you’re going to get familiar with using a style guide — in this case, MLA. It’s important to note, though, that this isn’t about memorizing a style guide. This is information you can always look up and never need to waste brain cells memorizing. But understanding what kinds of things a style guide tells you is important, and will help you in your life.

The reality is that you will all, at some point, probably have to learn to follow a style guide in your professional life. If you work for a big corporation, a hospital, a newspaper, or any other business that deals with a lot of written material, you will be expected to adhere to certain standards. The reason for style guides is simple: uniformity and clarity. That’s all. There’s no other secret. So if you’re ever in doubt about style guides, just be consistent. But it’s always better to ask and be accurate.

I want you to familiarize yourself with the following documents.

College Library MLA LibGuide

**College Library MLA Guide: Works Cited

**College Learning Centre MLA Guide: In-Text Citations

(Documents marked with ** may be printed and brought to class for use during Quiz #4.)

For Module 10, please review the guides to answer the following questions:

  1. What should an in-text citation look like, generally?
  2. What information should be on the first page of an MLA essay?
  3. How do you indicate page numbers in MLA style?
  4. What is the name of the page of references at the end of an MLA essay?
  5. When citing an article, how does the citation for a print source differ from an on-line source?
  6. How do you indicate the use of more than one author? More than four?
  7. What is a block quotation?
  8. How does punctuation differ for regular and block quotations?
  9. How do you deal with indirect citations?
  10. How do you indicate that you have changed or edited a quotation?

Your page with these answers is your Module 10. Please print out your MLA guides for the quiz in Week 11.