Module 7: Preparing an Essay for Submission

By dr b, February 18, 2015

Complete this module after you finish writing but before you finalize¬†Essay #2 for submission. You’ll need a printed-out copy of your paper (you will hand this in later as evidence that you’ve done this module).

This Module is about preparing an essay for submission. This is a chance to take some time over the details to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

First, review the key expectations of the assignment guidelines. In this case, you want to make sure your essay answers the question (does this zine belong in a library?) and has all the necessary pieces (2 quotations from Freedman and 2 quotations from your chosen zine).

Next, read your essay aloud. I know this sounds strange, but it can help you catch errors you wouldn’t catch otherwise. As you read, mark with a highlighter the passages that sound awkward or don’t seem to work.

Go back to the computer and fix those problems.

Next, read your essay sentence-by-sentence, backwards. As in start from the end of your paper and work towards the beginning. By removing the context of your argument, you can trick your brain into thinking it hasn’t read this before, and you’ll catch more errors. Circle problems as you go.

Go back to the computer and fix those problems.

Next, make sure you’ve followed MLA properly. This is what an MLA essay should look like. Does yours match? Underline any problem areas. This is a good time to check your Works Cited page, which should be on a separate sheet and should have two entries: the article and the zine. Make sure you’ve followed the proper format for citing a zine, and make sure your Works Cited page looks like the sample.

Go back to the computer and fix any problems.

Now you’re ready to prep your paper for submission. You should have your essay with the marking scheme (on the back of the assignment guidelines) placed on top, marking scheme facing up. Your paper and Works Cited page should follow. Staple this together. Do not use a duotang or presentation portfolio.

Bring the draft you’ve been editing on to hand in for Module 7, and don’t forget your other Modules, too — they’re all due in class in Week 8, alongside your essays.