Week 11: Pre-Class Readings

March 11, 2015

I’d like you to go back and review some readings this week. You’ll notice I’m asking you to look back and reflect on issues of structure this week. First, if you didn’t get through last week’s pre-class readings, start there. Go back and think about Week 7′s readings on making claims. And finally, review your […]


Week 9: Pre-Class Readings

February 26, 2015

This week in class, we’re talking about structuring longer research papers and making good use of scholarship. First, I’d like you to take a minute to re-read “The Ill-Effects of the Five Paragraph Theme,” which you printed out some weeks back and also have a copy of attached to Quiz #2. In addition, read these […]


Week 7: Pre-Class Readings

February 5, 2015

Week 7 is all about making claims and supporting arguments. This is useful information to have in the lead-up to Essay #2, so be sure to read this information carefully! Please familiarize yourself with the following preparatory material before class next week: Work your way through this slide show that explains how to use reason and evidence […]


Week 5: Pre-Class Readings

January 26, 2015

We’ll be talking about essay structure in class this week. Please read the following documents: First, read about introductions at the University of North Carolina. Consider what Harvard University has to say about Essay Structure. Finally, check out what University of Richmond has to say about conclusions. Next, read these resources on Thesis Statements: This document from […]


Week 4: Pre-Class Readings

January 21, 2015

No pre-class readings. You have enough on your plate preparing for your examination. Get yourself over to Module 3 and get to work!


Week 3: Pre-Class Readings

January 14, 2015

Last week in our library session, you learned about using the library databases to secure reliable sources. We talked primarily about popular sources: reliable newspaper and magazines. To prepare for class this week, I want you to use the library databases to find 3-5 newspaper or magazine articles that deal with the same topic as your chosen […]


Week 2: Pre-Class Readings

January 6, 2015

This week, class meets in the library. We will be looking at the zine collection and learning how to access popular media sources. In preparation, please review the readings linked in the Welcome post. These will give you a good sense of what zines are and how they function. We’re going to talk about what makes […]